A shovel, not tweezers

It’s very easy to do research if you think research is just finding out what nobody knows.  Well, that’s not good enough; if you want to do research, you want to do research that would have some influence. A lot of research is done which sure adds to our knowledge, but it adds to our knowledge in ways that we didn’t find very useful. The best research is done with a shovel, not tweezers.  Roger Needham, distinguished computer scientist, UK Microsoft research lab director, inventor of the computer password and Cambridge academic.

With my research, I’d like to influence assessment practices in higher education in online programs in ed tech, learning tech, or distance ed.

To reach other doctoral students, I’ll network via #phdchat and this blog.

I hope to link my yet to be created surveys in tweets and drive some traffic to the blog to create demand for more transparency and attention in assessment.

I’ll probably have to figure out the ethics of doing this with my doctoral committee. 


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