Problem Finding

How did you find the problem that would become the focus of your doctoral research?

I’ve been through 50 ways to leave your lover…

So far in the cross-hairs, I’ve entertained these candidates:crosshairs

Knowledge Surveys

Blogs & Personal Learning Networks

cMOOCs & Connectivism

Conference Posters as OERS

Using Social Media to Protect Vulnerable Women: To Catch a Killer

A Virtual Reality Environment to support the Cree Language

History of Leadership in Distance Education

Kenanow & Research Ceremonies: Learning in the 21st Century Embraces First Nations’ Epistemology

Now I thought I’d centered on relationships between proactive assessment practices  in doctoral education and completion rates or persistence, save I want to jump into action research to rage against the glacial pace of change in doctoral education.

So it looks like I want to get into reform of doctoral education.

I don’t know if I’ve found my topic..I gotta see what’s involved in action research…Whatever topic I do, I’ve gotta use social media or ed tech, at some point…it’s not a criteria of the program, but I won’t do a project without it.

Round and round I go…

So how did you find THE one?  What were your considerations?  Did you have some criteria  it had to meet?  How much did you deliberate?  If you abandoned a project, why did you do so?

Oh no…maybe I’ve I’ve found my topic.

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