I Will Walk the Talk

Hello Fellow Graduate Students,

keep-calm-and-vote-for-me-4I need your vote for Vice-President, Academic because I want to match your bold choice to pursue a graduate degree online to academic policies.  My doctoral research proposal in the Ed. D. program will address questions of complacency/ignorance regarding assessment amongst faculty, the glacial speed of change, and sclerosis to reform of graduate education.  My action research will promote dialogue; ignite interest in graduate education reform and suggest positive change.

Specifically, I will advocate to:

Make assessment more transparent.  As a doctoral student whose agenda is reform of graduate school education, I will be able to draw on research on the causes and consequences of departure from graduate school and ask the university to accept its share of responsibility.  In my research I’ve read heartbreaking stories of earnest, hard-working students suffering rejection and non-completion after persisting for the better part of a decade in their work.  I want to change the narrative.  These stories are much too common.

End the gate-keeper mentality.   The big prize of doctoral work, the doctoral degree, seems too much like a game of keep-away, intellectual bullying or Alice in Wonderland.  Down the rabbit hole, the target is forever changing and the oral exam committee wants to expose you or block your way out.   I want co-operation.enhanced

Form an association to reform educational practices in graduate school.  Athabasca University graduate students are already a select group in that we have taken the risk to pursue our educations via an unproved medium, online learning.  We need the approaches, policies and practices to catch up to, align to and coalesce around more efficient, more reliable and more forthright practices in graduate education.

Vote for me, please for Vice-President, Academic.  Not only will you be advancing my action research agenda to agitate for reform to doctoral education, but your vote for me may even trickle down to a change you experience in your studies. Please contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or by email, if you have any questions.  Thank-you.

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