Doctoral Student feels like a ‘Made’ Man in the Mafia

How during the course of work on doctoral studies, could I even begin to feel like a ‘made man?’

A made man is a fully initiated member of the Mafia.

Doctoral education feels like a crime syndicate at times.

Secrecy, code, hierarchy, power, initiates, dons, oops deans, sudden death…

I felt briefly like I got the goods. I would be a made man.

While considering two ‘companion’ documents, a glaring contradiction leapt out.

I believe it’s really powerful. We’ll see…

Powerful in an embarrassing way to those in authority…

Have you ever had a knowing feeling, kinda like the kid whose gonna say the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes?

On the heels of that feeling came the image of a made Mafioso. Is this the excitement of irrefutable logic? Original contribution?

Who else has felt that surge of excitement in solitary work?

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