SAMR Smacks Research Training Down the PSE Ladder

SAMR makes research possible much sooner.

The way technology alters learning, as observed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura when he headed an initiative in Maine which issued laptops for every student, spells SAMR.

First technology substitutes: a laptop takes the place of a scribbler.

Then technology augments: a laptop allows students to search through notes for keywords, find them faster and track back words and ideas through the need-to-know capabilities of the internet.

Then technology modifies the capabilities for the work  Students communicate within communities of practice and learning, instead of lock-step with all the others in the class.

Finally technology redefines learning.  A high school student, Jack Andraka, produced research that detects biomarkers for bladder cancer.  Via the affordances of his laptop, Jack found a mentor who supported Jack’s research by giving Jack access to his lab for Jack to work in when he was on summer holidays between grades.  Jack’s research furthers the literature.and makes an original contribution to it.  Would you award Jack a Ph. D. on the merits of his original contribution therby catapulting him up past the milestones of 8+ years of PSE?

The affordances of ICT redefine learning.   Strathcona High School in Edmonton, Canada has started a research journal for its students to publish their research.  How will universities evaluate applications from these advance placement students?  ICT lets wannabe researchers skip to the chase without an undergrad, a master’s and a wrestle with the the ink-squirting squid aka doctoral education.  Accessing SAMR to plan instruction means that research can take place way sooner.  Within the redefinition aspect of SAMR, the learning preserved for only  ‘higher and deeper’ learners game changes and the size of the game reserve increases to admit high school students.

Digital information and communications technologies redefine research capability and directly question present day research training.

How do you think digital ICT will redefine the laddering of degrees in PSE?  How must university research training change to absorb the redefinition of learning via ICT that students now experience in public school?

Permission to use graphic given by Amy Burvall

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