Government and doctorates

My country is teetering on a downward slide into totalitarianism. The election of the next parliament calls for a defeat of the present government.

The Harper Government in Canada shows a fear of scientific research. The government closed a joint PhD, medical degree program, has thrown decades of research in the garbage bin, has stopped important research projects, has stopped government scientists from speaking, has suppressed information. .

Harper kills the messengers who don’t follow suit by firing them, discrediting them, or taking them to court.  He wants absolute control and finds an independent judiciary gets in his way.  to that end he manufactured a plot to discredit our supreme court head justice who advised him of his inappropriate selection for supreme court justice nominee.

In Canada in 2015, it’s really 1984. Orwell saw how knowledge suppression and language control go hand in hand. If we get a new stable government in October this dark legacy will be a reminder of the precious freedom this country must protect. I hope that the sorry administration of government will become a source of scholarship when his era ends with the election on October 19.  Otherwise the academic freedom required of scholarship, will be a memory from a by gone time.