About Grad Ed Lobby


Grad Ed Lobby

Grad Ed Lobby wants to help Canadian graduate student reps lobby and work with administrations to address unaddressed issues in graduate education.  Grad Ed Lobby helps reps to craft campaigns aimed at results.   Improving grad ed can deliver results in saving your members time, money, mental anguish and increasing member satisfaction with both their education and their grad student organization.

Remember your members are above all else first students.  They want an education to equip them to take on the 21st Century.   Unfortunately, grad schools are notorious for failing to take heed of changes to research.  Many graduate schools fail to update their programs, resulting in students getting training more suitable to last century.  Grad student organizations owe their member a robust Grad Ed Lobby to push programs upgrades and give members a more relevant education.

Contact Sheri Oberman at ceo@gradedlobby.com for more information.